So what is your mindset?

Your mindset is your pattern of thinking. They are formed by past experiences and it drives your attitude and behavior. It can affect your mood, motivation, success rate over any obstacle, and so much more.

But what if it’s not serving you to be the best version of yourself?

That’s why we rewire it! By making small, consistent changes, you can take control of your ability to revise your current mindset cycles that are identified as roadblocks in your life. You just need a bit of guidance. And, that’s where I come in.

I am a mindset transformation coach, board certified internist, speaker, and an infertility warrior. I can teach you how to feel unstuck from your negative thinking cycle by guiding you to build a foundation of tools to apply to your daily obstacles, help rewire your patterns of thinking, and reach a state of contentment. Which is what we all want, right?

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After coaching with Flora I am able to feel joy/contentment in my personal life despite work stressors. My growth mindset now means evolving into a better version of myself; one where I can be present with my partner and kids and still meet work goals (all while continuing to improve that balance and work toward thriving in all aspects of my life).

- Brittany Weller

Now I am more of a believer that what I think and feel matters but I can also be in control of that. I can set good intentions in place while minimizing my expectation for perfection and that is okay. Flora felt like a genuine friend the entire time. One who challenges you when you need it and understands you when you feel like you’re out of whack. Now I feel like I have tools that are for ME. I feel like I have a better way of tackling those things that bring me down mentally and physically.

- Nisha Mehta

I now have more confidence and know that my mindset can change. I can change it on my own. I will still have negative thoughts but I can quickly shift the thought to something else. I LOVE working with Flora. She is authentic, real and just a force of good energy. She lets me know that I am not alone and that there are so many others who are going through a similar journey. I now I feel more confident after doing the cup exercise. I have the ability to switch my mindset on my own and no one can remove that from me.

- Mira B

I have been given tools to help me when I am triggered or going through a hard time. No it doesn’t take away the pain but it helps me to get back to the middle ground and focus myself on being content and happy. I loved working with Dr. Flora. She is so amazing and inspiring. She has made me a stronger person and also has been so much help for me dealing with secondary infertility to not feel as alone in that journey as well. I am so grateful for all that she has taught me over the last few months. My mind is clearer. I know how to compartmentalize, I know how to pick myself back up when I am down, I know how to be kinder to myself and how to set boundaries with things to fill my cup.

- Content Client

I really enjoyed working with Dr. Flora. Very personable, easy to talk to and efficient. Appreciated when she reached out periodically on voxer to touch base and hold me accountable. Made sure to bring things back to concrete lifestyle changes I could actually implement.

- Happy Client

I really enjoyed working with Flora. She is real. She is accommodating and flexible which I know is a challenge when running your own gig.

- Content Client

I think I’ve become more confident and comfortable with putting up boundaries. As a South Asian female, I have always felt like I had to put others before myself. My sessions with Flora have shown me how to take care of myself and my mental health-but still be there for my loved ones. She’s reminded me that I’m allowed to live my life.

- Happy Client


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