Deep Dive Coaching

Ready to elevate your life to new heights? This “Deep Dive” coaching package is comprehensive and immersive designed to help you build a foundation of personalized tools and techniques to move towards your middle ground of contentment when life throws you curveballs.

Deep Dive Coaching

What will we do together?

-Identify multiple pain points- areas you’d like to improve upon on

-Make a customized plan to approach it

-Brainstorm strategies to overcome it

– My favorite part – PRACTICE these strategies in real time and pivot our plan if needed.

This package will include

-TWELVE 60 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions with me

Everything from the Scratch Surface Package (Intro questionnaire and worksheet, free mindset boosters, all of the video recordings, FREE gift at the end)


-Unlimited support! You will have direct Voxer access to me. This is an amazing way to keep in touch with me in between sessions to share your wins or ask questions.

-Group support! You will also be added to my group chat of mindset warriors of current and past clients.

-A customized, digital overview of everything we formulated together at the end of our 12 sessions. The synopsis will be specifically crafted for you to refer to in the future for times that you recognize any persistent feelings of not being at your baseline contentment.

In the end, you will have clarity and confidence in knowing how to navigate the day to day ups and downs of life!

Ready to Dive In?

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Deep Dive Coaching

FAQ’S and Have any questions?

How is "Deep Dive" different from the "Scratch the Surface" coaching package?

Simply put, we have more time! This work takes time and practice that Deep Dive can offer. The Deep Dive package is more comprehensive and offers unlimited support to facilitate a profound transformation.

Can the "Deep Dive" coaching package be customized to address specific goals or challenges?

Absolutely! The package is highly customizable to address your unique needs. As many mindset exercises and homework applies to all clients, 1:1 coaching is meant to be tailored to align with your objectives.

Can I continue coaching after completing the "Deep Dive" package?

Certainly! You can upgrade to Mindset Mastery at any time OR add on another Deep Dive package.

How are the coaching sessions conducted?

Sessions are conductive virtually over Zoom. Each session is 60 minutes. I suggest you have a pen/paper or a device to jot notes down.

Do you offer group coaching?

I do! We do need to make sure your goals are aligned before starting. That’s what the discovery call is for!

What is pricing like?

Any coaching service is a four figure investment. We offer different payment plans. Book your free discovery call to find out more.

Not sure which one is the right fit for you?

Let's get on a free 30 minute discovery call to explore the best option for you!

The beauty of 1:1 coaching is that it is personalized to YOU. We all have different experiences and triggers that have set up our current patterns of thinking. Start now!



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