Scratch the Surface Coaching

Discover your potential with this 1:1 package and use it as a stepping stone towards making positive shifts and start feeling more at peace. Think of this package as “focused exploration” personalized to your growth and development. It’s not just about scratching the surface; it’s about starting to form a trustworthy foundation to rely upon when life throws you curveballs.

Scratch the Surface Coaching

What will we do together?

-Identify 1 pain point – a specific area you’d like to improve upon on

-Make a customized plan to approach it

-Brainstorm strategies to overcome it

This package will include

-SIX 60 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions with me

-Intro questionnaire and worksheet to know your baseline starting point

-Free Mindset Boosters

-You will take your own notes

-You will receive ALL of the video recordings at the conclusion of our package

-A FREE surprise gift will be mailed to you at the end

In the end, you will gain clarity and confidence on your focused pain point and unleash new areas to continue to work on!

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Scratch the Surface Coaching

FAQ’S and Have any questions?

What does "Scratch the Surface" mean in the context of coaching?

Scratch the Surface” refers to an introductory coaching experience designed to focus on 1 area of improvement. Change takes time. This is a great way for you to get a glimpse into the transformative power of coaching. You can always upgrade to a more in depth package!

Is this package suitable for specific goals or challenges?

Absolutely! Whether you’re navigating a career transition, seeking ways to be more productive, wanting to hold boundaries for mental peace, or aiming for personal growth, the “Scratch the Surface” package is tailored to address your unique need.

Can I continue coaching after completing the "Scratch the Surface" package?

Certainly! The “Scratch the Surface” package is designed as an introductory experience. If you find value and wish to continue, we can discuss upgrading you to another package!

How are the coaching sessions conducted?

Sessions are conductive virtually over zoom. Each session is 60 minutes. I suggest you have a pen/paper or a device to jot notes down.

Do you offer group coaching?

I do! We do need to make sure your goals are aligned before starting. That’s what the discovery call is for!

What is pricing like?

Any coaching service is a four figure investment. We offer different payment plans. Book your free discovery call to find out more.

Not sure which one is the right fit for you?

Let's get on a free 30 minute discovery call to explore the best option for you!

The beauty of 1:1 coaching is that it is personalized to YOU. We all have different experiences and triggers that have set up our current patterns of thinking. Start now!



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